Kutless: This is Christmas

As I listened to this song for the first time this evening I pondered the lyric “What is Christmas without Christ?” Logically we are left with “mas” if we take out the word “Christ.” And then it occurred to me. The Christmas holiday has become so commercialized that to many it has lost it’s meaning. I recently saw a meme that said something along the lines of “I don’t usually believe in Jesus except when there are presents.” So to answer the question the song asks, Christmas without Christ is just a “mass” of gifts, parties, responsibilities, a mass of gluttony. If Christmas were about gluttony do you think the baby Jesus would have been born in a barn and laid in a trough? Christmas is about a humble king without a crown, without a robe, who came to save you and I. As you listen to this song close your eyes and imagine the scene of Jesus’ virgin teenage mother and her faithful fiance making their way to a barn in Bethlehem for a census; Mary goes into labor in a cold, dark barn where she must lay her newborn baby in a feeding trough for a crib, barely knowing he was a king, the Son of God, the sacrificial Lamb, atonement for our sins, the Light of the World.


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