Caught up in that “Kodak Moment”

Golden Gate Sunset 021814

Lately when I get off work at 5:30 p.m. the sun is just about to set. If I hurry and head west as fast as I can go I can make it to the San Francisco Bay by 6:00 p.m. to photograph the sunset. As I drive toward the Bay I get this since of urgency like I might miss the exact moment the entire sky turns to flames and the water reflects the sun’s sudden burning. Sometimes I think, ‘You stupid cars move out of my way. Don’t you know this is urgent!?!’ You see, no two sunsets are exactly the same, so each one is to be appreciated for it’s own wow factor.

This is how God views us. None of us are exactly the same. Even identical twins have different life experiences that shape them in unique ways. When you sparkle with your God-given talent like the burning sunset sky God looks down on you and says, “Wow!” And fortunately, unlike my race to the fleeting sunset, he never has to rush to get by your side because he’s always there. While some of us, including myself, are still trying to pinpoint what are God-given talents are, maybe it would be helpful to think of which moments in your life would God take a proud snapshot. Maybe in your pondering you will discover exactly that for which you were made.

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