God and Gal Pals

Have you ever stepped into an elevator with a bunch of other people and you catch a whiff of someone’s shampoo or cologne and you are instantly reminded of a specific person from your past? How about a meal that gives you the feeling of being home? Well, every time I smell cardboard or go to Target or eat a Red Vine I am immediately reminded of my friend.

My 30th birthday with Shannon

My 30th birthday with Shannon

Recently I have been really missing my dear friend Shannon. You see, boyfriends don’t like shopping for the perfect red top for the perfect right price, and they certainly don’t like sipping on lattes looking through bridal magazines in Barnes & Noble. God knows I love him, but he doesn’t share my cravings for red vines and a rich red velvet cupcake. Some things just have to be done with a close girlfriend; the kind that you are so honest with you argue one day and hug the next. I miss those days of calling her up to hang out at her house or do our weekly Target run when we just wander the store commenting on what’s new in the store and in life. And while God does not necessarily share my obsession with the perfect statement shoes or diet root beer, he does know the desires of my heart, and I can go to him even in my tears of loneliness and he will lend a listening ear.

It’s not easy to move forward when we miss something or someone, but he knows that. And unlike my dear friend Shannon he never sleeps and he never slumbers, so I can call on him night or day and he will comfort me.

By the way, I wish Shannon all the best. We talk all the time, and I plan to visit her in a couple of months. I hear they have some kind of super Target in Phoenix.


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