Follow the Lead

The third track on Christina Reynolds’ Songs for the Journey CD is appropriately named “The Struggle.” There’s a reason Jacob wrestled with God, and why we all do. We’re in a constant battle between God/righteousness and our flesh/sin.

As I listened to the end of the song this morning I thought of my old ballroom class. You see, one of the first things you are told in ballroom is to not look at your feet even though that’s what you instinctively want to do. You shouldn’t look at them because then you are not following your lead and you may end up crashing into one another. At the end of her song she sings “I find that my eyes must be fixed with yours or else I won’t make it very far.”

I have definitely had those days when I am figuratively crashing into everyone, but what if I fix my eyes with the eyes of my lead, my Heavenly Father? Try it and find out.
Have a beautiful day.


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