Dial Tone

Back in the days of home phones you would hear a dial tone when you picked up the phone. If you have ever been anxious to call someone you know, that dial tone moment is the time to decide whether or not to dial. Perhaps you are calling a crush, or maybe you are calling someone with whom you need to reconcile.
Recently I have been faced with such decisions. Do I take a leap and risk being hurt by my former friend or do I continue to protect myself behind this wall I’ve built up? It’s that dial tone moment that for some will last a lifetime.
The whole process reminds me of the Garth Brooks classic “Standing Outside the Fire.” Brooks sings about stepping into the “fire”, giving love a chance even if it means you get burned. Although he sings about a romantic love, this idea can be applied to all kinds of relationships. It applies to the employee who is being micro-managed and wants to hide from her boss, to the child who is estranged from their formerly abusive parent, even to the friend that feels she’s been hurt one too many times.
Life is not meant to be lived behind the walls we build up. Life is meant to be lived in the fire of pure, unconditional love. For those outside the fire a life at risk of being burned may seem extra-ordinary, but were we not called to be extraordinary?
Dial the phone. Ring the doorbell. Do whatever you need to do to reconcile broken relationships because Jesus first loved you.
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