Coincidence or Destiny?

Last Wednesday I had such a fantastic walk. I ran into the college student with whom I listened, shared, and prayed. This week my walk seemed more or less uneventful until I was in the same exact spot where I met the girl. I looked around. ‘Perhaps she is here again,’ I thought, but as I looked around it was apparent that she wasn’t. At this time of day so close to campus young people are swarming the streets. It’s hard to tell one person from the next. I gave up looking and began taking photos again, since I didn’t get to finish last week, when I hear a voice say, “Chelsea? Chelsea, is that you?” I turn, excited and surprised, but instead see my fellow church member Joannie standing behind me.

I tried to hide my disappointment that she wasn’t the girl I thought she was, still happy to see her. I asked what she was doing there, and she explained that she is there to minister to some students across the street. We exchanged stories, and I found out that they too experienced an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit in their meeting last week. How funny that God would use each of us separately on the same block, at the same time, on the same day, to minister to college students.

For the last 40 days my church and several other churches have fasted and prayed. The fast ended Saturday with a massive prayer rally at the campus. Joannie suggested that perhaps this movement of the Holy Spirit is result of the recent prayers. Is this God’s motivation for us to keep praying and looking for opportunities to share our faith, or is this just a coincidence? Either way, it looks like every Wednesday is the perfect day for movement, both physically and spiritually. As my friend Winnie said, “Sunshine with a high chance of divine appointment.”

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