The Down Pour

The last few days I have felt hit by the flood of rumors regarding a storm headed for the Bay Area. My gut reaction is to shrink the issue. ‘The weather report is never right. What do they know?!?!’
Sure the storm wasn’t hurricane status, but there were flash floods on freeways and local city streets. This reminds me of when I was much younger Christian, and I would hear people talk about the Holy Spirit. I thought to myself, ‘It couldn’t be as amazing as they say. What do they know?!?!’ Guess what. They knew! The Holy Spirit forecast is that of sweeping transformation in your life and overflowing joy.
There is a reason people refer to the Holy Spirit raining down, even flooding your soul. It’s because you feel soaked, you feel filled to the brim, you feel the skies have opened, and that you are experiencing a flash flood in your soul.

God, we thank you that you give us the sensory experience of a storm, a down pour, so that we can know how much more you give us through your Holy Spirit. Just as the rain nourishes the crops, so you nourish our souls. Amen.

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