Traveling into the Past

As a child and even as an adult I have always hate studying history until I recently came across a book at my favorite store, Goodwill. The book is titled “Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land through the Five Books of Moses” by Bruce Feiler. Feiler literally travels the same land and approximately the same route that some of our favorite Biblical figures traveled, and as he is traveling he is reading the Bible. It blows me away how many connections are made between what was recorded in the Bible and what still holds true in the land today (or in the ~90’s when his trip took place). If only we each could journey the lands that we learn about in our history books; if our public schools had the resources to physically take us there. Perhaps it would have held my attention back then.

I spent the day today preparing for a trip of my own, not to Turkey or Egypt or Israel, but to the Philippines and Guam both of which are rich with history. I will visit Mt. Samat in the Philippines where there is a memorial dedicated to the Filipino and American soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. I will also visit churches built in the 1600’s during the Spanish-era throughout the Philippines. This is especially exciting for me since I have been photographing churches. I’m sure I will visit many historical sites while I’m traveling the next few weeks.

I may not like to read the dry history text books we receive in school, but one historical book I can’t get enough of is the Bible. Like any piece of history there are lessons enclosed are lessons to learn, but these lessons were God-breathed which is probably what has heightened my interest. When you are reading God’s Word do you put yourself in that location, imagine the circumstances the characters were in, reflect on what you would have done? These are all things we should be doing. This is one of the most powerful ways God speaks to us. Through history He can reveal our shortcomings and help us correct them, He can romance us, inspire us, encourage us, and fill us. The Bible is not just a book, it is the diary of God written for your eyes for your response. Accept the challenge to dig deeper and travel to the past.

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