Most Precious Gem

Driving to my hometown Thursday night, I turned the radio off and just enjoyed the scenery. There is a weight that is lifted when I leave the city hustle and bustle and enter the country. On this particular day I saw rain in the distance, showering the foothills. The sun, shining down through the clouds, made the rolling hills of the 505 look like blades of gold blowing in the breeze. Even the air seemed lighter, fresher. As I looked at this landscape, the shadows and sun mixed together in perfect harmony, I couldn’t help but declare, “Thank you for the beautiful light show, God!”

As I drove on, taking it all in, God spoke to my heart, and I believe he repeated it for over an hour, until it really sunk in. He said, “A diamond never sparkled in the dark.” You see, we are to stay in the light of who He is, if we are to reflect his light onto others. When we hide away in the shadows of our shame and doubt we not only lack our luster but we are virtually invisible to the world, no different than the next person.

It is only in the light of Jesus, that we and He can truly be seen, and as he refines us we can sparkle even more. It is hard to find a diamond in the shadows, so step out in faith and in light, and be the light of the world to someone each day. It’s amazing how a light can change perception. An unforgiving, angry God can be much more appealing when the light of Jesus is shed through His children.

You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. – Psalm 18:28

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