Eyes Wide Open, Heart Closed Shut

This world is full people seeing and believing only what they can see. Sometimes those people are atheists and sometimes they are Christians. We all struggle with believe in the unseen at some point, and isn’t it hard to believe in the unseen when the seen is even hard to believe?

Our busy lives are filled with images of unbelieveable struggle, of chronic pain, suffering, poverty, mental illness, addiction. It’s hard to believe that these tragedies happen.

God is easy to believe when we live with our hearts open. When you think about His character it makes sense in many ways that His way is the way to live. We would live in a world of peace, joy and love if we could all believe in the unseen God, but we all have our own journey of faith.

Today I am challenged by believing the unseen over the seen and the felt, believing I’m healed even though I still feel sick, believing I’m promoted even though I’m in the same position, and believing I’m forgiven in the midst of shame. Keep your heart open today, and it will change your perspective on what’s seen.


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