Value Born Out of Love

You may have gathered from previous posts that there is a significant change happening in my life. Recently I have decided to transition from my church of eight years to a new church closer to my home. This was not a decision that I expected to make, but one God made for me and confirmed over and over again through other believers. While it is bittersweet, I have already reaped many rewards from this decision.

First, I reaped the reward of complete peace. Secondly, I received incredible support and love from friends and family. Earlier this week I received a card from one family, showering me with love and fond memories. The most special message I received was on the bottom corner of the back of the greeting card. In his 10-year-old handwriting my little friend and Sunday School student, Ryan, wrote that I am the “best, coolest, funniest person ever.” How can I argue with Ryan’s compliment? He obviously knows what he’s talking about.

What Ryan doesn’t know is that I am not cool or funny, but one thing I believe he does know, is that it is important for people to feel that way. When you love someone you make them feel valuable. Because Ryan’s act of love, I wore a smile all week. His love reminded me of the value I have as someone loved by friend and family as well as my Heavenly Father.

Who can you love and give value to today?


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