The Holy Spirit: Why you can’t plan your day around your eye makeup

Putting on my makeup last Sunday, I chose from my two options of mascara and opted for regular, as opposed to waterproof. Yes, I have to present “my three boys” with their diplomas after teaching them six years, but I will be able to keep my tears under control. I won’t be saddened by the fact that I will be moving to a new church after this Sunday, will I? I feel I’ve already grieved that loss, and now feel I am just growing my extended family.

As I drive to church, I am so proud that I am going to make it on time for once. I will have time to have all six teachers sign the diplomas before I present them to the students. I even had time this morning to plan a few words of encouragement for the teachers and students. No one will even remember this is my last day, and I will get to leave quietly without any embarrassing acknowledgements.

Whew! The service is over. I made it through without black streaks of mascara rolling down my cheeks. Then the part-time minister decides to pray a closing prayer. While everyone’s heads were bowed, the minister paused, “If you have an encouraging word to share with someone, please feel free to share it with them.” Immediately his wife took the microphone and turned to me to share her words of encouragement as I transition to a new church family. I thanked her and started to reach for my purse, and then one after another got up and took the microphone and shared their encouraging words with me.

It turns out that just because you wear regular mascara, doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit isn’t going to come and woo you into tears. Last Sunday I was sent out to grow my church family, to grow as a disciple and a Christ-follower, and to develop community in my community. It feels so good to know that my existing church family is behind me all the way.

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