Christianese Translated: “Look to God”

If you are a Christian, you probably don’t even notice you are doing it, but you are most likely speaking Christianese to your non-Christian friends. I have many friends of different ethnic backgrounds, many of whom are at least bilingual. It’s not usually fun to be the third wheel in a conversation spoken in a language you don’t comprehend. So why do Christians speak in these phrases that so many non-Christians understand?

Well, rather than try to explain the why, how about I teach you a Christian phrase so you don’t feel so out-of-place next time your friends are speaking Christianese. The song, the one at the end of this post, it was played at my church this morning. I love this song. It has some great lyrics, “Our eyes are on You.” What does this mean? If you are a non-Christian, you might be wondering what it means, but as a Christian you might be wondering the same.

The song almost implies that God can be seen somewhere “up there.” It says, “We lift our eyes to You.” Does God live on a mountain, in the sky? Does He fly? Maybe He is like Superman, flying over. Non-Christian, much of what Christians say is metaphor, but what we believe is not. We believe that Jesus ascended to Heaven, so yes, He lives there, He sits at God’s right hand. Does Jesus solely exist in Heaven? No. After Jesus’ resurrection He sent the Holy Spirit. Even if you are not a believer you may have felt the Holy Spirit before. It sometimes manifests as a nudging toward the right thing to do or a subconscious guilt when we are about to make an unwise choice. In many ways the Holy Spirit is like a counselor and guide.

Christians believe that God is made of three persons: Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. If God is three parts, then we don’t have to look up to see God. In fact, we don’t have to look at our pastor, at the wooden cross hung above the altar, or at the most godly person we know. If you are Christian the Holy Spirit lives in you, which means that you don’t have to look far. God is always with you just like your heart is always with you, your lungs are always with you, your brain is always with you. Is it easy to go a day without your lungs or your heart?

Next time you sing this song or think of the phrase “look to God”, look to the purist thing inside you, your compass for the wilderness of life, to guide you home.


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