What’s Attractive?

What’s attractive? Ask a woman, and she might say tall, dark and handsome. Ask a guy, and he might say curves in all the right places. When it comes to being attracted to people overall, I think it’s more than physical attraction.

My last post was about family, specifically church family. Later a friend reminded me that family is more than our biological family, and it’s more than our church family. She said it another way, but I heard it said recently, that we can see God in all people. It doesn’t matter if they are Atheist, Jewish, Muslim, etc. God created all people, and therefore they were made in His image. It is possible to see God in even those that deny His existence.

There is a common thread that links us all together whether we like it or not, and it’s our Creator. I love my friend because I see Jesus in her in so many ways. I see it in the way she is sensitive to the needs of others, in the way she celebrates my victories with me, in her creativity, and in the way she loves. It doesn’t matter that she is not Christian because I still see God in her no matter her belief system. Because I love God so much, how can I not love her?

If we limit our spiritual family to only those who are on exactly the same page in their faith, then we alienate nearly all Christians not to mention people of other faiths. When we include those that have other faiths or have different views than our own, even within our own denomination, we open our hearts to loving more of God’s creation. The family circle was never meant to be closed. There was not meant to be a periphery of those of different religious views. Otherwise Jesus wouldn’t have commanded us to go forth and make disciples. When you close the circle, you close the world to the kind of love only God can offer.

To my friend, I love you because we have the same maker and I see Him in you. I hope you understand this statement, and see it as the compliment that it is. You were made in the image of a perfect God.

Are you willing to love someone despite their religious preference?


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