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Value Born Out of Love

You may have gathered from previous posts that there is a significant change happening in my life. Recently I have decided to transition from my church of eight years to a new church closer to my home. This was not a decision that I expected to make, but one God made for me and confirmed over and over again through other believers. While it is bittersweet, I have already reaped many rewards from this decision.

First, I reaped the reward of complete peace. Secondly, I received incredible support and love from friends and family. Earlier this week I received a card from one family, showering me with love and fond memories. The most special message I received was on the bottom corner of the back of the greeting card. In his 10-year-old handwriting my little friend and Sunday School student, Ryan, wrote that I am the “best, coolest, funniest person ever.” How can I argue with Ryan’s compliment? He obviously knows what he’s talking about.

What Ryan doesn’t know is that I am not cool or funny, but one thing I believe he does know, is that it is important for people to feel that way. When you love someone you make them feel valuable. Because Ryan’s act of love, I wore a smile all week. His love reminded me of the value I have as someone loved by friend and family as well as my Heavenly Father.

Who can you love and give value to today?


Wise Words for my Future

Earlier this week a wise friend set me free with this statement, “You and God have a good thing going. I, too, feel there are some big changes coming up for you. Just know that not everyone in your life is going to respond positively to those changes, but if those changes are from God it is better to do His will than to please others.”

As the week progressed, I kept going back to that statement, feeling freer and freer to be who God has made me to be and to do what God has purposed me to do. I’m sure, if you have been reading my blog regularly, you have sensed my utter frustration at closed doors in my life. Part of my frustration is feeling that change is coming and not seeing the manifestation of that change. My thinking is, ‘If God has told me change is coming, why hasn’t it happened yet?’ I feel like the child in the back seat of the car screaming, “Are we there yet?!?”

The fact is we aren’t there yet because if we were it would mean running red lights, passing on double yellow, violating laws of physics. The same goes for life, sometimes if we rush to our destination, not only have we been reckless along the way, but we have also wished away our day, our week, our life to get to our final destination, death. I’m guessing that’s not truly what we want, and I’m guessing we probably don’t want the consequences of reckless living: broken hearts, stressful thoughts, and tired (possibly sick) bodies.

In the past week I have made a decision that affects every part of my life. As one friend explained, God knew that this would be a good foundation for change. When we set out to do a large project, we don’t try to develop the product right off the bat. We must first make a plan, from the ground up. If our project doesn’t have a strong foundation, it will fail. In the same way I feel God placing that foundation for further growth in other areas of my life.

This 34th year of my life has started off with a bang! I’m so excited (and yet terrified) about what God will do next. A change is coming God willing.