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What’s in a Year?

Do you dread the end of the year knowing that you have only accomplished so much? Perhaps it seems you’ve taken a huge step backward and the end of the year is simply a reminder of that. In my current position I mentor and supervise about twenty UC students in volunteer positions at the hospital. Recently a student told me that she hates for the year to end when she has accomplished so little. I was shocked. How could a pre-med student feel this way?

To console her, I explained that being a student automatically sets you up to accomplish so much in a semester, not to mention a year. I asked her to reflect on all her academic achievements, and then try to remember small personal goals she’s met. She just giggled, so I told her some of the things I was counting as even small feats for the year. I paid off my student loans. That was a big one, but there were also small ones, like waking up earlier to have quiet time in the morning. She seemed to start feeling better, so I brought another volunteer in on the conversation. Soon we were all looking forward to the coming year. If we were able to make so many strides this year, imagine what’s to come.

One of the challenges of becoming an adult, is that we are responsible for our actions or lack thereof. It is easy to become stagnant and a person of habit, but there is life outside the daily routine and even accomplishment within the routine. I challenge you to look back on your day and recognize those times you could have been defeated but you weren’t, times that you overcame, you pushed yourself a little harder. Now imagine all the other ways that strength can move you forward into the coming year.

If you still feel like you have accomplished little, think about the words of Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” If no one else believes in you at least know that God is rooting for you, and he is your strength and your might to stand up to the things that hold you back.

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