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While the Dew is Still on the Roses

10441466_10205042817645174_8265139601986918341_nFor those who grew up in the church there is probably a worship song or hymn you remember singing as a child that brings a smile to your face each time you hear it. For me this song is In the Garden (written by C. Austin Miles). All the kids in my Sunday School class would be on the edge of their seats waiting to be called to hold up the big 16 by 20 inch lyric book in front of the whole children’s church. You would get to go in front and turn the pages as the pianist played. Each page took you to a fantasy land where you could walk beside a real and beautiful savior in a lush garden filled with roses and baby animals. We all wanted so badly to be in that picture with him, holding hands with Jesus.

This last Sunday our worship band at Great Commission Christian Church sang In the Garden, and as I sang I think I was probably smiling from ear to ear thinking about those Sunday School memories. And as I smiled God whispered something in my ear. You see, I was thinking how great it would be to be innocent again, to feel pure and cleansed by God, to want to hold his hand and walk through fields of roses. While I my thoughts were drifting away into this fantasy land of my childhood, God said, “If you come to my garden you can be innocent again before the dew is even gone from the roses.” Then it struck me! Of course God is kind enough to meet me in my spiritual garden each morning when I wake up. He’s more than willing to listen to my thoughts and confessions before I have a chance to call or text a friend for advice. Not only that, He’s longing for me to enjoy his creation, walking through the garden of life.

What is your favorite Sunday School hymn? Does it remind you of your childhood innocence? If so, repent and then meditate on the words to this song. God can make you new, forgiven and cleansed, and excited to walk with Him each morning. Hallelujah!

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011. Video created by Peter Tremblay. The traditional Hymn, “In The Garden” sung by Alan Jackson. I hope you enjoy the video. Lyrics are included in the video so you can sing along.

33 going on 3

When I was a child I used to imagine that there was a machine that recorded my every thought. If every thought were recorded since my birth I would probably be in prison for life. Thank you, God, for not playing back the audio for the whole wide world to hear. Despite a child’s declaration that they hate you and never want you as their parent, sister, friend, ever again, overall their minds seem quite innocent.

I visited some friends of mine in Portland a couple weeks ago. My friend there has two daughters; 6 and 9 (I think). They are just full of wonder, but I can already see that the 9-year-old is already losing that sense. She’s already not asking as many question, much to the relief of their mother, I’m sure, but her imagination is still quite vibrant. If you enjoy children like I do, you travel into their childhood with them just being in their presence. You experience the joy of discovering new and exciting things. You roll on the floor laughing as they exclaim, “Nobody puts deodorant in their armpits! That’s for your face!” You giggle along with them as you tickle their toes, and you can’t help but smile as you watch them soundly sleep.

God created man in his image, and that to me says that God is joyful, good humored, excited, and quick to forgive just the same as children. Yes, he is all-knowing, but he is also innocent. He is sin-free, and therefore, he experiences these fearless emotions that the very young experience. When we repent of our sins we not only know they are forgiven, but we get to experience this holy freedom that comes with slates wiped clean, new beginnings, the wonder of discovery, and renewed innocence.

Repent of your sins now, known and unknown. Let God search your heart of those sins unseen. Then go discovery something new or discovery something again as if you never knew it existed. Smell a rose, climb a mountain, turn over a stone, call a long-lost friend. Experience the air with new breath, for you are sanctified.

“Shake” by Mercyme on their “Welcome to the New” album
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