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Bees and Butterflies

Have you ever watched a butterfly flying around on a beautiful spring day? They don’t seem determined, zooming toward their destination like bees. Their path is anything but straight, and they seem to rely on the wind to guide them.

Many people are like butterflies. They are beautiful wanderers, going wherever they like on a whim, as if directed by the changing winds, but God set you and I apart for something more.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

The Lord sets us apart when we submit to him, and he makes our paths straight. There’s nothing more frustrating than driving around in circles, lost, sometimes afraid or flat-out angry. I believe when the scripture says he makes our paths straight, it means he makes us to live our lives the way he planned them, in his perfect design.

The scripture makes it clear. It is up to us whether our path is straight or we take the long way home. It is up to us to submit. We can be a bee, who has a clear destination to the source of life and purpose, or the butterfly flapping and flailing in the breeze. The butterfly looks beautiful on the outside, but look at all the effort it took to become that beautiful. When we submit to God he takes us, beautiful or not, stripes and all, and transforms us beyond our own effort. We don’t have to spin an elaborate cocoon to protect us from the elements of life because he is our cocoon.

Life is so much sweeter as a bee, following our purpose and our source of life, our Heavenly Father. Drink in the sweet nectar of the perfect and wise Author of life.

P.S. This blog post was inspired by the scripture-inspired prayer my dear friend Winnie prayed over me tonight. It is always inspiring to receive prayer.

Are you a Thing-a-ma-jig?

Tonight I decided to finally change that burned out light bulb that is just out of reach even though in the past when I’ve tried to change it I’ve nearly killed myself stumbling around the bed atop some pillows and small footstool, but what can I say, fashion called for it. I literally couldn’t06d569c0-a0a7-4a3d-b0d9-3606c9910144 tell navy from black, and most women know that navy and black are two totally different things. First I put my laundry hamper face down on the bed. Then I stepped on top, and, boom, it caved. Okay, don’t give up. I then piled two pillows on the bed and sprung up onto them grabbing the light fixture with one hand. Probably not one of my best moments, practically dangling from the light fixture. In any case, I ended up changing the bulb, possibly with some strained muscles as a result.

After changing the bulb, I began cleaning up the house. After all, my sister is coming, and she’s only been to this apartment once before. Laundry put away, check. Kitchen clean, check. Then, while laying out a sweater to dry, I spot a strange item, a wrinkled, shriveled piece of cardboard on the ironing board. I pick it up to examine it, squinting in wonder and confusion. How did this get here? I don’t even know what it is. Did Mark leave this here? He’s always leaving strange things around my house, like stuff out of his pockets. But even if it was his, what is it?

It’s funny how context can really help us discover what something is. I turn to take the item to the trash, when out of the corner of my eye I see the light bulb box. I pick it up too and begin to close it when right there, I see what the shriveled cardboard is. It’s the padding that was wrapped around the new bulb!

This is how people can perceive our identity if we don’t know our purpose. See, I didn’t know the purpose of the shriveled piece of cardboard, and it only confused me the more I looked at it. If we don’t know what our purpose is as children of God, people may look at us as if we are an unknown, someone wandering without a path, but as children of God we already know that living for God and being His disciple is our purpose. We also know that God knit us when we were in our mother’s womb for a particular purpose and a specific path. If we know this, then we don’t need to know what tomorrow holds to be obedient disciples and let God’s particular purpose and path for us unfold. When people see that you know who you are in Christ, they won’t squint in wonder, but they will say, “Hey, that person is really secure in who God made them to be.” Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

I encourage you to be more than a thing-a-ma-jig (something that has no identity), but live out your identity and purpose as a child of God.