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When Curiosity Strikes

When curiosity strikes we have the opportunity to share. Today, while working with one of the volunteers, she, out of the blue, asked, “What is Easter? I mean, I see all the bunnies and eggs, but why do people celebrate it?” Oh boy! I think many of us, including myself, tend to assume that everyone in the U.S. knows why we celebrate Easter and Christmas, but it’s just not true. There are many people, especially those of other cultures or faiths that don’t know the true meaning of Easter.

After she asked this I perked up. Okay, I gotta get ready to shine! I want to really tell it the way God would want me to, so I explained that the bunnies and the eggs don’t really have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter. It involves something much more mysterious, much more exciting. Easter celebrates the resurrection, the rising from the dead, of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is also part of the three-part God. He was sent here as a final sacrifice for forgiveness of the sins of everyone. In the past people had to individually kill and burn/sacrifice flawless, first born animals to atone for their sins, but not anymore. That is why Jesus died, and that is why Good Friday is celebrated. It is good because that is when our sins were forgiven. The resurrection was to fulfill a prophesy. He said He would rise and He did, proving His love and integrity.

She looked amazed, “Wow, I thought it was all about eggs and bunnies!” Suddenly we had not just shared a task of updating the grief resource list, but we had shared the gospel. What a privilege to see her face light up as she heard it for the first time.

Oh merciful Father, I thank you for the grace you show me each day. Thank you for sending your Son to die on that cross, and thank you for rising again, not only to fulfill a prophesy, but to give me hope for new life, a spiritual resurrection of my own. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that we are forgiven and free. Sometimes we remember it in our mind but not in our spirit. Help us to be reassured and comforted, and to speak your truth even in the midst of fear and doubt and frustration. When we are weak, you make us strong. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Let Them Inside

Each Wednesday I go on a walk, and I always make it a point to stop by a certain spot to pray and breathe. So today I decided to listen to one of my favorite “quiet time” songs “What a Friend” by Kathryn Scott before praying. As I listened with my head bowed and my eyes closed God reminded me of part of the lesson I taught to the kids on Sunday. The last thing that was mentioned in their lesson booklet was that Jesus allowed Thomas to put his hand in his side.

As I reflected on this part of the lesson it was clear to me. God was telling me that when Christians don’t share their wounds, their scars, those places where God has worked in their lives, sometimes horrible and embarrassing secrets, they are denying the seekers the proof of God’s existence. Think about the humility and vulnerability it took for Jesus to give Thomas permission to put his hand in his side, to see that he, in fact, was the resurrect Messiah. If Jesus asks us to be his ambassadors, to yearn to be a reflection of him, then why should we shy away from giving our testimony in a vulnerable and personal way?

When Jesus told Thomas to put his hand in his side, even knowing his doubt, and that had to be a big, stubborn doubt to have walked with Jesus and still not believed, perhaps he was speaking to all of us to let those seekers, even those most doubtful, inside. When we reveal that we have had struggles, we have been broken, but now we are made whole by Jesus, we are giving the best proof of Jesus’ existence, not as a prophet and healer, but as the life-changing Messiah. So feel free to share, be vulnerable, be open, God will honor that and use it in some way. If not for the person with whom you are sharing, He will use it to work in you because as you share you will come to love the Thomases of this world despite their doubts.

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