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When Mercies are Blessings Trust and Obey

Laura Story sings the song “Blessings”, which poses the question, what if the trials of this life are God’s mercies and blessings in disguise? I often challenge myself to ponder this very question when things don’t go my way. I’ve seen it time and time again that an inconvenience turns out to be God’s mercies at work.

For instance, this week my computer came down with a virus, and 40 malwares later I was pacing, scratching my head, panicking about what to do to fix it. After all, I don’t have the money for a new computer! Later that night, after panicking for hours, I realized I could just take the computer to my friend who works in IT. The next day I trotted down to his shop, and he fixed it at a fraction of the cost of what most places would charge. I felt a weight was taken off my back, but little did I know that the weight I was carrying was not nearly the weight I would have been carrying a week later. When I retrieved my computer from the friendly and intelligent hands that repaired it, I heard from him that the computer would have “stopped working” within a week. For some reason the drive I was saving to was only one sixth of the space on the computer, but the computer would have thought it was full and stopped working without notice. Wow, my prayer the night before and the morning I took my computer in had worked. I had told God that if my blog was something that served him, and he wanted me to continue, He would make a way for it to be repaired within my budget. Not only had he done that, but he had spared me the even bigger headache of my computer completely breaking down.

Yesterday I was on my way to a town about 25 miles away to meet an old friend. Stuck in traffic I decided to stop at the fabric store on the way. I pulled over to text my friend, “Are you still going tonight?” When she replied I was relieved because she said she had forgotten and was already at the Raiders game. With a deep sigh of relief I continued to the fabric store. I pulled into the parking lot and texted her back, “I’m kind of relieved. The traffic is horrible and it’s pouring down rain.” As I looked up from the text the rain had stopped. If it hadn’t slowed me down I would have just driven all the way there only to find out that my friend had forgotten. Instead I was spared the drive and the frustration of a last minute cancellation, and I was able to get the fabric I needed to finish Mark’s Christmas present.

It all reminds me of a sermon I was listening to by Pastor Tom when he spoke at my church a few weeks back. The title, Trust and Obey. There is no obedience without trust, and disobedience is trying to do things by our own will. When I panic and try to fix the computer on my own, I am not trusting God to do His work. I am only making the problem worse, plus I am telling God that I don’t need Him when I’m in trouble. When I push to go faster in slow traffic in the rain because I have my own agenda, I am telling God that His plan isn’t good enough. Try to listen for that still small voice. The more you get to know him, the louder His voice will get, and soon you will find yourself having morning coffee with Jesus right across from you.

…Equals Whatever We Need

At a new church opening celebration a well-meaning parishioner was praying for the offering. He said, “God is so generous because He only asks for 10%, but He gives us 90%.” My friend sitting next to me said, “That’s great. We give 10%, and we get 90%. Cool.” Many of us know that God asks us to tithe 10%, but it was said in a way I’d never thought of it. I was still thinking when the senior pastor went up to introduce a guest speaker. Before he began his introduction he paused and gave a look of hesitation, the kind you give when you don’t want to do or say something, but you feel a nudging. He said, “When we give God what we have he gives us what we need. It’s not that we give 10% and get 90%. He always gives us 100% of what he knows we need.” He went on to refer to the loaves and fishes, saying, “Five loaves and two fish equals whatever you need.”

This statement has been on my mind ever since. Jesus did not perform a magic trick nor did he run to the store like an anxious housewife and buy up all the loaves and fishes at the local Safeway. Matthew 14 tells us “[he] looked up into the sky and asked God’s blessing on the meal.” Brothers and Sisters, why do we hoard our belongings, cling to our money, our house, our car, our time when if we come to terms with the fact that all of those things belong to God and not us He will give us all we need? Jesus looked up into the sky and submitted his last five loaves and two fish to God, trusting that He would give whatever they needed.

The submission to God is where I fail. I think, ‘Okay, today I’m going to lay down my life, my all to God and it’s gonna be great.’ Then the moment something looks like it’s going to fail I pick up what I just laid down and try to work it out myself. What if Jesus had asked God’s blessing on this meal to feed 5,000 and as soon as He cut off the 13th piece thought, ‘Nope! I gave it a shot, but this isn’t going to work out’? What if He had left it at that and called it a day, only feeding the 12 disciples and himself? It would have been such a waste of miracle, and yet we don’t see the potential for these miracles in our everyday surrender to God.

If we trust Him we need to show it. Just like you tell your kids or your spouse, if you love me show it. Let’s stop saying we love and trust God and show Him by laying it all down and not picking it back up. Just leave it there at the foot of the throne and see how He provides. This is a message for myself just as much, if not more than it is a message to you because I like to control things. I like to know exactly what will happen, but I do know what will happen. When I submit to Him I will experience amazing abundance.

Heavenly Father, We don’t want money or material things or even security because we want You and in You we have all we need. We use need for control as an excuse for never completely submitting to you, but we give up that excuse knowing that You are our provider and protector, our Jehovah Jireh. In You we fear nothing, not even our need for control. Thank you, Lord, for showing us grace when we have failed to submit to you, and teach us to trust in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Transition your Lenses

Back in February I got new glasses. I planned ahead and saved so I could get transition lenses that darken in the sun. Even though I have worn them daily for the past two months when I walk inside I wonder, ‘Who dimmed the lights?’
It reminds me of how I feel toward God at times. I have been a Christian every day for years so when my circumstances darken I wonder why God has become dim in my life. I never consider that it is the lens of my heart that has changed.
If you feel God has left you all alone in grim circumstances it’s not God who has left you but you that has left God. Examine the lens of your heart first to see that God was always there.

Heavenly Father, help me to remember your presence in every situation no matter how hard. You are faithful to stand by me even in the roughest storm. You are the Lord of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.